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To Whom It May Concern

Several months ago, a small Internet-radio station in Germany was brought to my attention. I was told it dedicates itself to a topic that very few stations in the world, if any, are broadcasting. One would think that this would be due to the marginal or insignificant nature of its focus, however this is far from being the case. In my explorations I have found neue-musik.fm – a true treasure to culture lovers worldwide and to all people who wish to experience great music by feeling with their head and thinking with their heart.

In the front of neue-musik.fm stands Mr. Gerhard Meyering, a visionary man who, led only by his passion to good music, built a radio platform which broadcasts classical-music masterpieces from the past 100 years. Choosing only the best compositions he can find, recorded by the world’s top musicians, in less than one year succeeded Mr. Meyering to build a worldwide community of listeners, consisting of tens of thousands each month. Based in Osnabrück, Mr. Meyering is making a real contribution to people everywhere, though his hard work and dedication. He allows his listeners to realize their wish to be able to listen to superb contemporary classical music, without interruptions or commercials. No radio station in the world does that, except of neue-musik.fm.

As an international engaged composer and as a listener of many musical genres I wish to stress the essentiality of neue-musik.fm and the importance of supporting its growth. Indeed, one would easily find thousands of radio stations which present many musical genres, but a mere few which are dedicated to the successors of Bach and Beethoven, Mozart and Haydn, Brahms, Mahler, Wagner and others. Pop, hip-hop, R&B, alternative and modern rock, oldies, standards, progressive rock, dance and electro, world music and easy-listening – all vastly broadcasted on radio, in different qualities and mostly commercial.

It is therefore my privilege to call for your support in the growth of neue-musik.fm – a contemporary-music radio for the contemporary audience.

I believe that the importance of neue-musik.fm is not only for today’s listeners and musicians but also for tomorrow’s generations. Culture needs advocates to stand by its side and present its great power of enriching the human spirit and contributing to high life quality. This is what neue-musik.fm is offering and it is my strong conviction that your support in its growth is an important act of appreciation towards classical music and its future.


Gilad Hochman